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Who We Serve

Debt Relief Education / Who We Serve

South Florida Debt Relief and Education Foundation Inc. serves the individuals that need us the most. We are passionate about advocating for the members of our community that are drowning in debt and can’t find a way out on their own. If you know the struggle of accumulating debt that never seems to decrease, we may be able to help you.

Our team of lawyers does have extensive experience working with individuals on social security or that are unemployed. We know that not everyone in our community is working a full-time job with money to spare for a lawyer. If you have limited or no income, we can still help you find a way out of debt. As a free service, you can take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in the legal world of debt resolution.

Limited Income

It can be very difficult to chip away at debt on a limited income. A hundred dollars here and there might not even be covering the interest on a loan or credit card. It can become increasingly frustrating to see your debt stay stagnant each month, or even worse, increase due to interest and fees.

You may not be able to get another job, or you may be retired and living on social security. In both of these situations, you may find a solution in the legal arena. When you meet with a lawyer from the South Florida Debt Relief and Education Foundation Inc., they can provide insight into the options you have for reducing or eliminating debt on a fixed income.

No Income

If you are currently unemployed or have been for quite a while, our legal team can help you. Traditional debt resolution pathways might not make sense if you have no constant stream of income. It can be difficult to get approved for a debt consolidation loan, or even partake in a credit counseling payment program. However, there may be legal options for you.

A member of our legal team can explain to you what legal options you have to overcome debt. They can go through each process with you to help you determine if there is a solution you find favorable and how to get started. Since these legal services are free of charge, you don’t have to worry about trying to come up with money for legal fees. We would love to help you, with no strings attached.

Here at South Florida Debt Relief and Education Foundation Inc., we strive to help and educate individuals that are having problems with debt. Since our lawyers work as volunteers, you don’t have to worry about paying attorney fees. You can take advantage of all the lawyers have to give, without getting yourself into more debt. You don’t have to struggle with debt anymore. Our team would be happy to help you navigate through your debt, develop a resolution plan, and help you execute it where the law applies. Simply call or email us today and we can answer your questions or set up a meeting.