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Who We Are
South Florida Debt Relief and Education Foundation Inc.

Are you struggling with debt and don’t know where to turn? There are two important things for you to know: you are not alone and help is here.

The average American is living in debt. From a very young age, Americans use credit cards and take out loans that come with high interest rates. Beyond that, college-educated professionals have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Working professionals throughout the nation also have mortgages and car payments. All of this debt adds up quickly and can leave you stunned, confused, and frustrated.

The South Florida Debt Relief and Education Foundation Inc. can help you. Our team of lawyers can address your concerns and assist you in obtaining a debt-free life, free of charge.

Debt Relief Options

Debt Relief

How would it feel to be relieved of some or all of your current debt? You can take advantage of a legal team, free of charge, to help make this possible. With years of experience, legal advisors can help you sort through your situation and find the right solution. In addition, our lawyers can help you navigate any legal path to debt relief.

Debt Education Classes

Educational Sessions

Want to learn more about living debt-free? Our team of lawyers offers educational sessions for people just like you. We discuss the impact debt has on our lives, the various types of debt, and what can be done to leave debt in the past. At our educational sessions, you have the chance to speak with lawyers that can answer any and all of your debt-related questions.

Bankruptcy Help Lawyer


If you are exploring the idea of bankruptcy, it’s crucial to speak with a lawyer. Bankruptcy requires significant paperwork and can have many implications in your life. Meeting with a lawyer can help you understand the bankruptcy process and its effects. This lawyer can also help you with every step of the bankruptcy process if you decide it’s the right choice toward debt relief.

Don’t Fall Deeper in Debt

You don’t have to accumulate more debt while searching for a way out of it. One of the most common missteps in trying to get control of debt is adding more debt to it. Many companies advertise ways out of debt with introductory low-interest rate loans or payment programs. However, there are other ways to manage debt. Our lawyers have worked for years helping individuals find the right solution to their problems. In fact, there may be solutions available to you that you are unaware of currently.

Free Consultations Available

You Can Be Debt Free! Take The Step Towards A Brighter Future

Don’t wait another day, contact The South Florida Debt Relief and Education Foundation Inc. if you are struggling with debt or would simply like more information about debt relief options. Our team of lawyers, staff, and volunteers is always here to help. We are passionate about debt resolution and would be honored to assist you in your venture to lower or eliminate debt in your life. You can contact us by phone or email to ask questions or set up a meeting with a member of our legal team.

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